Transforming Data Management Strategies with the Veritas and Hitachi Vantara Alliance

Transforming Data Management Strategies with the Veritas and Hitachi Vantara Alliance

05 decembar 2021

Many organizations base their IT budgets on the volume of their stored data, rather than on its value, because they lack visibility into their ever-growing mountains of data. Without knowing what information it holds, enterprises are forced to expend time and money storing, protecting, backing up, and managing data that costs more than it’s worth. And unfortunately, this is most data – we estimate that for the typical enterprise, the majority of their data holds no value.Veritas and Hitachi Vantara offer a better approach by solving the fundamental problem of data visibility, they provide a range of data protection and management solutions to help customers reduce risk, save money, and increase efficiency.


Why Choose Veritas and Hitachi

VantaraVeritas and Hitachi offer a range of products and capabilities to deliver comprehensive – yet easily managed – solutions to store, backup, and archive massive amounts of data. With powerful, flexible storage options that range from the all-flash Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) to the cloud-object storage solution, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), Hitachi is a global leader in data storage and management. Likewise, Veritas is a global leader in data protection and management with flagship solutions such as NetBackup and Enterprise Vault. The two companies’ commitment to helping clients maximize the value of data makes them natural partners. Together, Veritas and Hitachi offer complementary, compatible solutions that span on premise data centers, private cloud, and public cloud to ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the data lifecycle – from ingress to short-term storage, to backup and long-term archiving.

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Example Joint Solutions

Veritas and Hitachi Vantara collaborate to deliver end-to-end solutions that protect and manage business-critical information. Our global partnership enables enterprises to acquire a complete hardware, software, and services solution from one place, making it easier to deploy quickly and with less risk. Contact a regional sales representative to get started. Below are some potential combinations, designed around four common market requirements:

  • Reporting and Analytics With APTARE IT

AnalyticsProactively and cost-effectively manage every data environment from a single platform with APTARE IT Analytics and receive comprehensive reporting, alerts, trends and chargeback functionality.

  • Availability Solutions With Veritas InfoScale

Ensure compliance across all data environments, automate recovery, and increase predictability, mobility and flexibility – all with an easily-accessible, enterprise-proven storage software solution.

  • Data Protection

Minimize high performance appliance costs, reduce backup sprawl and increase lower-cost Hitachi Content Platform footprints with tested and proven solutions including global deduplication and disaster recovery.

  • Data Protection as-a-Service

Gain holistic insights across all organizational data protection activities, reduce administrative costs and complexity, and scale your business with multi-cloud enabled data protection services.

  • Data Archival With Enterprise Vault

Reduce the costs of data sprawl, applications and file storage with a scalable archive platform that provides immutability, expert integration and reliable migration services.