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SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems delivers the flexibility, resilience and performance needed to support demanding SAP HANA workloads. Designed specifically for big data workloads such as SAP HANA, IBM Power

Systems provides substantial performance benefits compared to competing systems. One aspect of the platform’s ability to out-perform Intel systems on a per-core basis is its supe¬rior level of simultaneous multi-threading. IBM Power Systems can execute more threads per core than x86-based servers, enabling the platform to handle more instructions per clock cycle, meaning less time spent by users waiting for workloads to complete.

In addition, IBM Power Systems’ memory subsystem provides direct performance advantages for the in-memory operation of SAP HANA.A single scale-up Power Systems server can support up to 32 TB of memory, enabling organizations to add memory as needed to drive up performance. That raw capacity is complemented by higher memory bandwidth, providing fast data access to the CPU, as well as large processor caches that keep data close to the CPU, where it’s needed to drive high performance.

IBM Power™ Systems high performance computing servers are deployed in many of the largest clusters in the world. Configurable into highly scalable Linux® clusters, Power Systems offer extreme performance for demanding workloads such as genomics, finance, computational chemistry, oil and gas exploration, and high-performance data analytics.

IBM Power Systems HPC Cluster:

IBM Power Systems™ HPC cluster offering is built on the foundation of IBM’s long-term partnerships with the top supercomputing centers around the world. It is available at a scale to meet your HPC and high-performance data analytics needs, from five to sixty-f our nodes. These configurable systems offer innovative compute, storage, networking, and management hardware from IBM and key IBM technology partners, along with system software technologies to meet performance specifications that are influenced by top HPC supercomputing centers’ requirements.



Architecting superior HPC clusters requires a holistic approach that responds to performance at every level of the deployment. The IBM Power Systems HPC Cluster solution, built with IBM Power Systems, Power HPC Stack V1.1, and IBM Software technologies, provides an integrated platform to optimize your HPC workflows, resulting in faster time to insights and value.