Honeywell Mobility Edge - R u Ready

Honeywell Mobility Edge - R u Ready

21 jun 2019



​​​​​​​Mobility Edge Platform
Accelerate Deployments, Optimize Business Performance









Mobility Edge
The power of a unified, dynamic platform

Juggling multiple devices across the enterprise introduces time- and cost-intensive complexities for enterprise IT to manage and maintain. 

Mobility Edge is designed to unleash your customers from the burdens of fragmented mobile computing without sacrificing the enterprise security, reliability, or mobile worker productivity tools your business demands. 







How R you securing your device?
Android™ R from Honeywell is a great option

It’s frustrating scrapping a mobile investment due to discontinued support or making an unplanned upgrade purchase that is out of budget. Yet these unforeseen costs can occur when you don’t fully investigate your mobile device provider’s longevity promise.

Honeywell's promise: when you invest in Honeywell’s Mobility Edge you will be able to upgrade
​​​​​​​all the way to Android R.

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Help your customers deploying mobile solutions across their enterprise faster – with less risk, for less cost – with Mobility Edge. Contact us now for more information.



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