Axis Communications Webinars

Axis Communications Webinars

01 jun 2020

Axis continues to lead the market in product innovation and performance. Join us for these technical webinars on our latest products :

2020/06/02         10:00am Eastern Europe Summer Time (Bucharest, GMT+03:00)

Average Bitrate - new feature in Axis cameras    

Ways to control your bitrate and make it also predictable, without sacrificing valuable information

  • Background of bitrate control basics
  • Strategies for reducing information
  • Bitrate control and Zipstream
  • Variable bitrate – VBR, Maximum bitrate – MBR
  • Average bitrate - ABR - Bitrate control with a spending plan


2020/07/21         10:00am Zagreb Time  (GMT+1:00)

Axis Companion Proven video surveillance for business owners to rely on .

  • Adapt to Simple use and effortless control from anywhere.
  • Remote access and management.
  • View and export your video remotely with Axis Secure Remote Access technology.  
  • Flexible users and privilege management.


2020/07/07         10:00am Eastern Europe Summer Time (Bucharest, GMT+03:00)

Install and manage with Axis Device Manager     

  • Thousands of Axis devices at your fingertips with easy, cost-effective and secure management platform
  • Ways to manage all major installation, security & operational tasks, single or multiple site installations
  • Fast, easy configuration of new devices with backup and restore settings
  • Efficient installation of firmware upgrades and applications
  • Cybersecurity controls by managing HTTPS and IEEE 802.1x certificates, accounts and passwords

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