APC News -EcoStruxure IT Expert for end-users and partners

APC News -EcoStruxure IT Expert for end-users and partners

19 novembar 2018

EcoStruxure IT Expert (cloud based monitoring solution of IT infrastructure) is ready as product and fully functional 30-days trial is available for any end-user and partner. Product will be available for actual sales at some point in November, but before that you can try out solution for 30 days and if happy with product and functionality, you can continue by purchasing subscription licenses for XXX node use. If for some reason customer is not happy, full set of functionality will be closed after 30 days and they will still be able to use phone application with limited functionality.

End-users can sign up themselves and use IT Expert, but partners can sign up as “partners” and that will give them ability to invite their customers themselves and get additional revenue by providing some add-on services if possible.

The summary benefits of EcoStruxure IT Expert:


  • Free 30 day trial for all functionalities with an unlimited number of devices to be monitored
  • Vendor neutral monitoring of power, cooling
  • Quick and easy deploy
  • Immediately visibility of equipment health status
  • Get alerts and alarms on any device, PC and mobile
  • Cyber security and automatic software updates
  • App is available in English, French, Spanish & Italian


EcoStruxure IT website



End-users can sign up from EcoStruxure IT website



Partner sign up is now available directly on the EcoStruxure IT website



There is option to “request demo” of IT Expert by heading to EcoStruxure IT website. Request form is available under “Solutions”-----“How to buy”




Please contact us via e-mail : mladen.momcilovic@ingrammicro.com 

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