VILT - Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management

VILT - Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management

Training prepares you to take the certification 002.11.1.

It covers the basics from installation to setup and management of Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

Policy settings and tasks in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Center are covered through practical examples. Current empirical values ​​"from practice to practice" are passed on to students. Upon completion of the course, students will know how to plan, implement, and manage the security challenges that await you online. Participants are provided with tools that can be very useful for diagnosis.

  • Basic knowledge of Windows operating system and IT Security

The course is intended exclusively for clients and partners who wish to have certification or recertification for KL 002.11.1

Unit I. Installation

  •  Installation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business 
  •  Installation of Kaspersky Security Center
  •  Installation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security on computers
  •  Organizing computers into groups


Unit II. Security management

  • How Kaspersky Endpoint Security Protects Computers
  • Configuring File Protection
  • Configuring Online Threat Protection
  • Configuring protection against sophisticated threats
  • Control of network connections
  • Computer protection when offline



Unit III. Control

  •     Introduction
  •     Application control
  •     Device control
  •     Web control
  •     Adaptive Anomaly Control


Unit IV. Maintenance

  •     Maintaining security
  •     Daily tasks
  •     Addressing incidents
  •     Rare and irregular activities

Lab 1.1 - Installation of Kaspersky Security Center
    Lab 1.2 - Installation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security
    Lab 1.3 - Installation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows on your mobile phone
    Lab 1.4 - Creating and managing computer structures
    Lab 2.1 - Configure Anti-Virus File
    Lab 2.2 - Configure virus scan tasks
    Lab 2.3 - Configuring Folder Exceptions
    Lab 2.4 - Configuring Web Anti-Virus Exceptions
    Lab 2.5 - Configure Mail Anti-Virus
    Lab 2.6 - Configure Network Attack Blocker
    Lab 2.7 - Configuring ransomware protection
    Lab 2.8 - Configure firewalls for computers outside the office
    Lab 2.9 - Configuring Exceptions to Self-Defense
    Lab 2.10 - Configuring Kaspersky Endpoint Security Password Security
    Lab 3.1 - Configure Application Launch Control
    Lab 3.2 - Block program startup online
    Lab 3.3 - Deny USB Flash Drive Access
    Lab 3.4 - Set Media Permissions
    Lab 3.5 - Configure Web Control
    Lab 4.1 - Configure a Dashboard
    Lab 4.2 - Configuring Utility Tools
    Lab 4.3 - Trace Collection
    Lab 4.4 - Backup and Restore at Kaspersky Security Center


Date: 13 - 14 oktobar 2022
09:00 - 17:00

Duration: 2 dana

Location: Hibrid On site / On Line



Language: srpski


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