1 Architecture

1.1 Guardium environment Environment types / Collectors vs Aggregators vs Central Managers / Agents / Collection types

1.2 Planning and deployment Deployment types / Arhitecture planning

1.3 Installation steps Appliance instalation / Configuration

1.4 Agent deployment GIM / STAP / Windows & Linux deployment

2 Administration 2.1 Inspection engines Review and manual creation of Inspection engines

2.2 Alerter SMTP and SNMP configuration

2.3 System backup Config and data cofiguration / SCP

2.4 Data archiving Data arhiving / Data restore

2.5 Corellational alerts Analyze and creation of corellational alerts build on frequency

2.6 System Health overview Troubleshooting pre-defined reports / SQL session / Buff Usage monitor

3 Access management

3.1 User management Repository types / LDAP integration / Local user repository

3.2 Role management Role overview / Role creation

3.3 Profile customization Profile customization with Guardium modules

4 User access

4.1 Policy builder Policy types / Rule types / Policy builder for data / Policy creation with different types of rules

4.2 Report builder Creating reports from template and from query. Report types and description of domains, entities and attributes.

4.3 Group builder Creating different type of groups (IP, user, service name, etc.)

4.4 Data classification Data classification based on compliance standard (PCI, SOX, GDPR, HIPAA) / Data classification based on custom properties / Regex creation

4.5 Vulnerability Assessment Importing DPS / Running Vulnerability Assessment test / Result validation and customization

4.6 Entitlement Reports Running pre-defined entitlement reports based on datasource.

Date: 18 - 19 jul 2022
09:00 - 17:00

Duration: 2 dana

Location: On line


Language: Engleski / Srpski


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