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Dear Partners and End Users,

Due to the new situation a lot of countries in Europe declared state of emergency, employers are advised to organize the work process remotely or from home and minimize employee’s onsite presence.In order to accommodate to the new conditions and to support our partners and end users, we are pleased to announce we are introducing a new set of


 Vitrual Instructor Led Trainings (VILT)



So, what is virtual instructor-led training (VILT)? Virtual instructor-led training is the best of both worlds between classroom-based training and eLearning. VILT offers benefits from both types of training, and it allows you to provide your employees training sessions which are run by a human instructor rather than employee merely having to make their way through a lot of videos.

Benefits of VILT

This means employees can take part in the training from their computers, which will be run by an human instructor in real time, so they can participate with questions when they need to.

VILT means you can run classes for employees without having to worry about in which location they are based in. This is particularly useful if you have office locations all over the world or work from home, and means you dont have to run separate sessions to ensure all your employees can attend. Unfortunately, these kind of trainings are also the favourite option under current conditions we have at the moment worldwide.


Probably the most important benefit at this moment: continue investing in
education while minimizing the risk and exposure to COVID-19


Fewer Costs Involved


Running VILT training sessions instead of classroom-based ones will enable you to save a lot of the

costs associated with classroom sessions such as:

Accommodation costs
Travel costs